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Have your business online in 48 hours with a beautiful virtual bespoke website
built specifically for your Driving School which can easily be managed by a novice

"This is nothing like the rubbish you get on the Internet"

Below is what's included with your £98 a year...

Get a 20+ page ready-made website

Order today and we will email your website logins in as little as 48 hours.

Your website will be fully functional and it comes stocked with ready-made content. You can edit this content and publish it instantly using the provided content management system.

Your website can have as many additional pages as you require - your ActiveDot website is unlimited. There are NO extra charges for adding new pages and new content.

Mobile version added soon

Grow your website as large as you want

unlimited web hosting

Students can book lessons online

Your website includes a booking form where students can select their choice of lesson or block booking with their preferred date for the lesson or preferred date for their first lesson when ordering a block of lessons.

If you have a PayPal account (recommended), you can ask for payment when they order their lesson. This frees up time on the day of the lesson, normally spent on counting cash and writing a receipt.

Get paid in advance!

unlimited web hosting

Change your web design with ONE click

Your website includes a number of different designs, colours, themes and header graphics. When you get bored with your website design or header graphic, log in and select a new design or graphic and click the button, and that's it - your website has changed!

We periodically add new designs to the database and you can request to get an email each time when a new design has been added. You may also request custom designs and we will do this work for you at no extra cost, provided we can make your custom design available to all other driving instructors.

Keep your website fresh and interesting

unlimited web hosting

Get found FAST on Google and Bing

A website will only work for you if it can be found in a Google or Bing search. We have had a number of years to figure out what works and what does not, and this know-how will be applied to your website. We should be able to get your site listed on the first three pages of Google and Bing, depending on keyword competition.

We can also assist you with your Google and Bing Local web presence. These are mainly listed on page one of a search result page and will often include a map, your name and telephone number and links to your website and also your Local web page.

Effective advertising without the cost

unlimited web hosting

We create your YouTube site trailer

YouTube is not only the second largest search engine, but it is a popular website for those who are getting ready for driving a car for the first time. Filled to the brim with 'how-to' videos for learner drivers, it is essential that your website is represented on this site.

YouTube is owned by Google, which lists these videos when they match a Google search. It therefore makes sense to create and upload a video to promote your website. We will create a video to promote your website and link it to your top choice key phrase. We require that you provide us with video and photos - we do the rest.

Videos tell a bigger picture

unlimited web hosting

Benefit from Unlimited Hosting & Email

Your website is hosted on an X9 Internet Maxi Cobra plan, which means you can grow your website as big as you want and use as many emails as you need without ever having to pay extra. This hosting account also lets you set up Blogs, Photo Galleries, Shopping Carts and a whole bunch of applications with just ONE click.

We are an established hosting firm, since 1998 - ActiveDot is part of X9 Internet. We host thousands of websites and are also an accredited Nominet domain registrar, since 1999.

Your website is going to be in safe hands

unlimited web hosting

UK or COM Domain Name Included

Included in your yearly fee is a domain name of your choice. Choose from a co.uk, uk, com, info, or biz domain, for example your-driving-school.uk

But you may wish to set up a blog or photo gallery and operate it under a separate website. Or you may wish to set up a whole lot of websites, one for each village near you, and you may need a separate domain name for each website, and for that reason we make available an unlimited number of third level domains.

Google SEO made easy with lots of websites

unlimited web hosting

Product and Technical Support

If you want to add something or change something, just ask us to do it for you. But if you insist in doing it yourself, you can do so knowing that we provide full support and can fix any issues where you may have got it wrong.

Support is available for your website, hosting, email and domains. When you need help you can submit a ticket on the support page on this website or you can do so from your website control panel. If you require someone to call you back, just email us.

Professional looking websites convert better

unlimited web hosting

Website control panel included

We provide an easy to use website control panel. This lets you edit or add text, add a new page, create links, manage keywords for your search engine listing or even changes the look of your website with just one click.

We also provide a hosting control panel from where you can set up a blog or shopping cart and we also provide a control panel for your webmail.

You have Total Control

unlimited web hosting

QR Codes to add to your printing

Log into your control panel and produce any amount of QR codes you need. These may be used to point users to special offer pages or a particular section of your website and are a great alternative to having to find a pen and piece of paper to write down a web address.

Print a QR code on some posters and pin them up in your community centre, town hall, library and in pubs, any notice board you can find, or include them on your advert or leaflet. This will enable anyone with a 'smart phone' mobile to scan the QR code which will then instantly load your web page into their mobile browser.

Promoting the Smart way

unlimited web hosting

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