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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Updated on: July 2014

Your payment terms are yearly - how do I know you are going to remain in business for the next year in order to provide the service which I purchased?

This is THE most asked question, that's why we are answering it at the beginning of our FAQ. No company can guarantee to continue business for any length of time. The safest method to assist you in making a decision if a company is going to deliver its service into the future is to look at its past. A business which has been around for a long time is more likely to remain in business for some time to come.

ActiveDot was founded in 2003 and if you check the whois for the domain, you will see that it was registered in that same year. ActiveDot is part of X9 Internet. A whois lookup for the domain will confirm that we have been active as a hosting company since 2000 at least. A few years later we also registered the domain, which is now the main online identity for our website and hosting activities. But our history dates back even further - we registered the domain in 1998, when we began our Internet operations. You can check this by doing a whois lookup. The domain has since evolved into providing ready-made websites for the health sector, mainly abroad.

We have been active in the web hosting and web design business for nearly 17 years and chances are we will be around for quite a while, yet.

What is a ready-made site?
A ready-made website is a fully functional website which includes images and text and its contact forms and any other forms are active. There is no requirement to add content or images to complete it, because it is already complete. All you will need to do is to enter your contact details and your PayPal email for receiving payments for bookings. However, every component, image or word can be replaced. All websites we provide are classed semi bespoke - the basic design is template driven, but all the content is edited and designed by a qualified and experienced web designer to ensure that your site is not penalised by Google's duplicate content filters. You will never be billed for any such work, ever. The cost for doing so is already covered by your annual website fee.

I have heard that sites which have not been modified for some time are de-indexed by search engines - is that true?
No. Not at all. If very few people visit a website, it just slips down the ranks over time. Search engines hate to serve links to websites which are not popular, or may even have been abandoned by their owners. They still show up in a search, but not at or near the top. If a number of folks search for your site and click the link on the Google page this will help push your listing back up.

Where do I get my domain?
We can supply you with any domain you require, if it is available for registration. One top level domain is included with your driving instructor website, for example, but it can also be a dot com domain, or dot biz, or dot info. You can also request as many third level domains as you need. For example: Such domains are offered to you at no cost, provided that you connect each domain to a different website.

How do I add my own text and photos to my website?
You will receive your administrator login password which will allow you to edit almost all the text on your website. You can also change the photos and upload your own to replace the ones which came with your website. You can also click a button to change your website back to "factory settings". Easy step by step instructions are included.

How do I add my logo to my site?
Your driving school website has been designed to facilitate logos, a large logo on the home page and a smaller logo at the top of every other page. Although you can add these logos yourself by using the administrator section, we recommend that you forward your logos to your account manager who will get a graphic artist to do this work for you.

I am a complete newbie - computers make me nervous. Do you offer a service which will upload photos of my cars and my own required text and change it for me when I want it changed?
Absolutely. We would love to do that for you on a regular basis. The way this works is that you simply email text, logos or photos to your account manager, and he/she will add it to your website. Talk to your account manager if you require this service.

What do I need, in order to use your driving instructor website services?
If you are seeing this web page, then you have all that is called for to take advantage of this great service - a PC or Mac with an Internet connection.

I have heard that there are many cowboys out there offering web hosting - how reliable is your service?
Active Dot is part of X9 Internet (same owners) and X9 Internet has been providing web hosting services since 1998 to thousands of clients, including high profile clients such as local councils, churches and schools, diplomatic authorities and large multi branch businesses such as Sainsburys. And our experience is backed up by two large modern and established UK data centres. Your website will be in good hands.

I have some web space which came with my broadband service. Can I host my driving school website on it?
No. Your driving instructor website is not a static website. It is software driven and it needs to be hosted on the X9 servers because that is were the software which powers your site has been installed.

I really like your driving instructor website - can I buy a copy of it and host it on my web space?
No. Because this website is software driven, it does not exist in static form. However, at some later stage, we may make some older designs available in static format. But they will be in template format and you would be required to rewrite most of the content to avoid the search engine content filters.

Will I have access to my hosting account?
Of course. Your website includes the X9 MaxiPlus Pro Unlimited hosting account. There are no resource limits. Advanced users can set up Blogs and sub domains and install software such as galleries, calendars and ecommerce shopping carts with just one click of the mouse. You will be very pleased with your package. But if you prefer not to get under the bonnet, you don't ever need to log into your hosting account if you don't want to. Just ask your account manager to set up the services you require.

Do I get my own email account?
Naturally. The free email is okay, but it would look much more professionally to have an email address connected to your own domain name, such as and you can have as many emails as you wish. If you prefer to continue using your Hotmail account because you are used to it and are comfortable with it, but you do want a more professional email, then simply set up a forwarder. Create the forwarder or and simply forward it to You can also instruct your account manager to do this for you.

If you are using email accounts created with your hosting account, you can use any email program such as Outlook Express to send and receive email. You can also use webmail from any computer which is connected to the Internet. For example

Can I find out how many visitors arrive at my website?
All hosting packages contain a feature-rich Site Statistics Tool via the Control Panel that displays hits, referrer logs, country data and much more! You can even consider this information in a graphical form showing daily, monthly and yearly action. Ask your account manager for assistance if you need help with logging onto your control panel.

How will I be billed for my hosting plan?
You will not. Your hosting plan is included with your driving instructor website which costs only £98.00 a year. Billing notice is by email.

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