the danger of publishing duplicate content

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BEWARE of Duplicate Content
The danger of publishing Duplicate Content - £49

Nearly ALL providers of ready-made websites will sell you a copy of a template. With the exception of your contact details and some of the text which you edit, most of the general content is identical to websites sold to other instructors. When a search engine finds two pages that are strikingly similar, it is forced to choose which one to include in its index and which one to ignore. The page which will get indexed is either the one first published, or the one with the highest page rank. See duplicate content and Google

A real concern about ready-made sites which include batches of duplicate content is that Google may see this as one owner publishing multiple sites, in order to deliberately manipulate Google's search results, also known as 'spamming' which may result in a permanent ban of the domain hosting the content. Although getting banned is quite extreme, but in the least none of the sites containing duplicate content will get listed for a search.

We provide you with a ready-made site which is not seen as containing duplicate content
No two ready-made managed driving instructor sites are the same

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