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Domain name registration and domain names for driving instructors

Benefit from 1 top level and unlimited second level domains at no extra cost

You may want to set up a blog or gallery site, or just another driving school website. All domains are registered and managed by the X9 registry. This feature is fully managed. You will automatically get renewal notifications to ensure your domains do not expire.

When you decide to register a domain, you should ensure that you deal with a reputable host who has been approved by Nominet, the UK Internet Names Authority for domains with the uk extension. Active Dot is a division of X9 Internet, which has been an approved uk domain registrar since 1999.

Domains registered with the com or net extension are registered on your behalf with or and we automatically create your own private login facility to ensure you have total control over your domain.

All other domains are offered and managed by the X9 domain registry and you are able to manage your domains directly from within your Site Control Panel. Your domains always remain your property, even if you no longer use our website or hosting services, as long as you renew them.

The tool below lets you check a domain's availability. When you purchase your driver instructor website you can check and register additional domains from within your Site Control Panel. You can also point these domains to any other hosting account you may have - full DNS service is available. Please
contact us if you require assistance.

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